Put on a dress!

Off with your sweats!

Cut & stitched in the good 'ol USA.

Put on a dress and you are transformed! Take off your yoga pants. Be beautiful every day. Handcrafted in the USA out of the best possible fabrics, Little Day visualizes women’s clothing for your little day. Our flattering dresses are designed for your life and are easy-care with pockets for your essentials. Little Day dresses are simple, one-piece garments, perfect for perking up everyday life.

Why Little Day Dresses? (WE ARE AWESOME)

We make our Little Day Dresses to order. We do not make anything extra. No overruns and no dumping excess inventory into secondary markets.

We sell direct to consumer eliminating traditional wholesale markup costs therefore passing savings to you the end consumer. No middle men!

We source from the United States as much as possible and avoid creating more waste in the process. We buy only what we sell and when we run out of raw materials, we have to source more from small vendors. This means that our designs will be sold in limited quantities.

We sell limited quantities so it’s highly unlikely that you will commit the fashion faux pas of showing up at a party wearing the same mass-produced dress as your friend (or worse, your enemy).

Did we say free shipping?

What makes a Little Day customer different? (BUT WHAT ABOUT ME???)

You are a conscious consumer. You like to look good, but you don’t want to harm people or the planet while you strut around town in cute dresses. With this purchase, you are an American hero supporting our American labor force as well as the interests of people abroad by not undermining the artisans in 3rd world countries who have been displaced by literally tons of fast fashion dumped into their economy. When you buy an item from us, you will be outfitted in a classic and timeless design that you won’t want to throw away at the end of the season. You will save money in the long run by reducing your impact on the people and resources of the planet.

About owners Kristen DeRocha and Vesta Garcia

We love dresses so much that we could not keep ourselves from making them. With almost three decades of experience between us in sewn product manufacturing and product design, we venture out into women’s apparel, particularly cute dresses. We believe in the skills and craftsmanship of our countrymen and believe wholeheartedly in short supply chains and sustainable materials. We also want to create jobs.